How to Find Love with a Person Who’s Right for You!

To find love with a person, who synchronizes with you naturally, is within your reach more than you might think. All that is required is the conviction that it’s possible, the determination to see it through, and the principles that will not allow you to settle for anything less.

Couple showing loveSo what is the secret? How do you find love? The secret is to figure out, as specifically as possible, the type of person who would be right for you and then determine the absolute best places, including online dating services, for you to meet them.

Identifying Your Target

Identifying the one who’s right for you, and therefore establishing a target for yourself, is the most important part of your journey. Without a clear and specific vision of the person you want, all other efforts to find them are a waste of time. But once you’ve established a target, this mental picture becomes an extremely powerful force in drawing you to the person who’s best for you.

If we do not have a detailed vision of the person we want, we will either find ourselves being a participant in someone else’s dream or we will fall into a relationship that does not satisfy our needs. Then we spend months, years, or even a lifetime trying to change them into being the person who fulfills our desires, which can only lead to resentment and bitterness on both sides.

By precisely identifying the attributes, characteristics, and qualities you want in a partner, you will create a clear and specific mental image (or vision) that will lead you to your ideal partner. You can create this image by considering every possible issue that is involved in a relationship with a life-partner.

Here is the process for identifying your target. Set aside some unrestricted alone time to create two (2) lists of all the attributes, characteristics, and qualities that you “must have” and “cannot have” in a partner. Then go back through the lists and cut them down to those you absolutely MUST HAVE and absolutely CANNOT HAVE in a partner. Lastly, transfer the final lists to a fresh sheet of paper and place it in a place where you’ll be encouraged to review it often.

Once you have a precise image of your ideal partner firmly anchored in your mind, you will attract and be drawn towards those individuals who meet your unique set of needs and repelled away from those who do not. This is the smartest and surest way to find love.

Best Places to Find Love

The next step is to figure out the best places to find them. This article entitled, “Best Places & Situations to Find the Love of Your Life,” provides a great starting point.

Man carrying the woman he lovesThe Reward

There is no greater reward in life than to find love with someone who you adore and who adores you. This privilege is bestowed to those who, through conviction, determination, and principle are willing to do what it takes to find the one who’s right!

This article is based on my book entitled, ”Finding the One Who’s Right.” The instruments and guides found in this book are designed so that most of the preliminary work needed to identify, find, and build a relationship with your perfect partner has already been done for you.

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