Don’t Waste Your Time If She Does These Things

Don’t waste your time if the woman you’re dating is doing these things.

  • Uses her sexuality to manipulate you to buy her things and do chores for her while showing no sincere interest in you or a relationship.
  • Doesn’t return your calls, text messages, emails, or other communications.
  • Makes excuses for not seeing you.
  • Cancels your dates at the last minute.
  • Puts you on hold (maybe status) on whether she’ll go out with you until the last minute.
  • Is poorly groomed and poorly dressed when you pick her up for dates.
  • Is only interested in talking about herself during your dates.
  • Talks incessantly about everything detail of her life.
  • Shows little interest in what you’re talking about during your dates.
  • Doesn’t keep her attention on you during your dates.
  • Checks out other men during your dates.
  • Spends more time talking with other men during your dates than you.
  • Asks you in a clever way to help her make another man jealous.
  • Constantly tries to get you to change aspects of your appearance or personally.
  • Demonstrates a pessimistic attitude.
  • Demonstrates a dishonest and secretive aptitude.
  • Talks negatively about her friends and other people in general.
  • Shares destructive gossip with you on a continual basis.
  • Constantly criticizes you.
  • Constantly complaints about your relationship.
  • Refuses to have mature and constructive conversations about your relationship or any other topic.
  • Is unable to have mature and constructive conversations about your relationship or any other topic without getting confrontational and yelling.
  • Confronts you about sensitive issues with another person present, especially a girlfriend or a family member.
  • Shows a propensity for poor judgment.
  • Shows a propensity for reckless spending and money management.
  • Shows no interest in fitness, exercise, or healthy eating.
  • Doesn’t invite you to events with her friends and family when it would be appropriate to do so.
  • Holds a (metaphoric) gun to your head and demands that you get married.
  • Refuses to discuss sexually transmitted disease history and testing.
  • Refuses to talk about what measures she’s taking to prevent pregnancy.
  • Is secretive about what she’s doing to prevent pregnancy.
  • Refuses to take measures to prevent pregnancy.
  • Constantly demands to know where you’ve been and what you did.
  • Calls, texts, or emails you a ridiculous number of times every day.
  • Abuses you emotionally by saying incredibly hurtful things to you.
  • Abuses you physically by freely hitting you with her hand or an object when she gets angry.

Don’t waste your time if a woman is treating you like this at any point in your relationship.  There are billions of people in the world.  And there must be at least a thousand who are a perfect match for you.  So why waste another second of your life in a bad relationship.  Invest your time instead in finding a woman who’s right for you.

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