Solotopia was launched on May 11, 2000.

Solotopia’s mission is to help singles reach their potential as individuals and in their ability to have a fulfilling solo lifestyle, great dating experiences, or a lasting relationship.

Solotopia’s social mission is to lead a change in awareness that establishes singles in a more positive, productive, and prominent place in the world community.

Solotopia’s service mission is to help singles in crisis to transform their lives.

The name Solotopia was derived from the words “solo” (*A performance or accomplishment by a single individual.) and “utopia” (*A condition, place, or situation of perfection.).  *Oxford American Dictionary

The word “singles” is infected with many negative connotations. Therefore, the word “solo” was selected to represent the “singles” identification in the name. The word “utopia” was chosen because its definition describes the spirit and ambition of Solotopia.

I used these tools to design, create, and power all aspects of this website. The simplicity of this site is deliberate. The purpose is to make the articles and other resources the focus and not a lot of flashy graphics, complicated menus, or annoying pop-up ads and videos. The simple design also enables the site’s navigation to be easier and faster.

I am providing a rating for this site primarily for parents and educators. It’s my policy to compose articles and books in a way that makes them appropriate for the broadest audience possible. I emphasize integrity, optimism, responsible behavior, and constructive activities. Using the movie rating system as defined by the Motion Picture Association of America, I would rate this site PG.


All never married, divorced, and widowed single adults of all ages, occupations, ethnicities, nationalities, and religions are welcome at Solotopia.

Brad Paul