Banned & Welcomed Visitors

Banned Welcomed
If these words describe you and the way you want to remain, be gone!  You will not feel at home here. If these words describe you, or what you want to be, stay long and visit often. You will feel at home here.
Best to read each row left to right to compare.
Pessimistic Optimistic
Negative Positive
Depressed Inspired
Cowardly Courageous
Conformist Pioneer
Devious Honest
Immature Responsible
Unreliable Dependable
Disloyal Devoted
Selfish Altruistic
Greedy Generous
Critical Supportive
Opinionated Open-minded
Ignorant Knowledgeable
Cynical Trustful
Fanatic Idealist
Racist Tolerant
Chauvinistic Humanistic
Complainer Inventor
Defeatist Determined
Dubious Forthright
Unethical Principled

Brad Paul