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These products and services were carefully selected based on personal experience, evaluation, and/or research.  Finding the best deal is always a top priority.  A link to my review is included when available.  They are grouped in these categories.

  • Dating & Relationship
  • Personal Development & Lifestyle Enhancement
  • E-Business & Website Development

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Brad Paul
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Dating & Relationship

Online Matchmaking & Dating Services
Match – One of the early pioneers of online dating.  Match provides you with the ability to do your own searches or use their matching technology to find matches based on your profile. * My Review
Chemistry – Believes that meaningful relationships are built on two equally important foundations: compatibility and chemistry. Their system is designed to help you find both of these elements. * My Review
Perfect Match – Their Duet® Total Compatibility System analyzes the “whole person,” taking into account each member’s personality, values and ideals, life and LoveStyle™ and preferences. * My Review

Dating Questions iPhone App
Tactic Dating Questions (TDQ) – 2.0 iPhone App – Take your dating experience to a higher level with this iPhone app.  (Also compatible with iPod touch & iPad.)  It makes choosing, remembering, and presenting questions easy, fun, and effective!  Includes tactical dating questions plus conversation starters, romantic ideas, relationship strategies, motivational ideas, personal development tips, inspiring quotes, and more!  * More Information

Date Background Check
Intelius – Dating is a unique social environment. The only way to truly protect yourself, especially when it comes to online dating, is to check your date out through a reputable service. * My Review

Discount Fragrances for Women & Men 
Scented Monkey – Best prices that I could find, and I did a lot of research.  They frequently offer free shipping. * My Review
Fragrance Shop – Great prices, outstanding selection, customer reviews, and they usually offer free shipping. * My Review
Love Scent – If you consider the impact a great smelling fragrance has on you, imagine if you add pheromones! * My Review

Singles Apparel & More
Solotopia Store – Features a collection of t-shirts, tops, hats, bags, mugs, posters, and more with unique, clever, and provocative screen printed wording composed exclusively for singles by Brad Paul. * Details

Couples’ Communication & Find Perfect Partner eBooks
Couple’s Communication Exchange - A Non-Confrontational Written Communication System – Featuring the Partner-Relationship Appraisal
Smart Dating & Mating - For Quality Partners, Experiences, & Relationships – Featuring the Mating Imaging System™.

Personal Development & Lifestyle Enhancement

Day Planner Organizer Software
AnyTime Organizer – Has a familiar appearance, intuitive interface, and it’s easy to learn.  This organizer will increase your productivity, save you time, and simplify your life.  I have it, love it, and rely on it.  AnyTime Organizer 14 (newest version) is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP.  * My Review

Save 35% using my special coupon code: BP35. Downloads only!

Self Improvement Audios
Learning StrategiesParaliminals are unique meditative audio programs designed to improve any aspect of your life in just a few minutes a day – even while sleeping!  I’ve listened to nearly a dozen of them and I think they are outstanding. * IndividualLibrary

Self Improvement Software
Individual Software – Leading developer of award-winning productivity, creative, entrepreneurial, and instructional software.  I have several and have found them to be outstanding.  * Browse

Save 35% using my special coupon code: BP35. Downloads only!

Recommended Books
Bestsellers.  15 categories.  Over 100 books. * Browse

Home Gym
Total Gym – The advantages of having a home gym are much greater than a club membership.  You can put one together yourself like I did, or you can buy one that has everything included.  The best one that I’ve ever used is the Total Gym.  * My Review

Personal Development Website
Guru Habits – There is an abundance of articles about personal development and lifestyle enhancement on this website.

Online New Car Buying
Cars Direct – Independent online service where you can select any vehicle, build it “exactly” like you want, and get a price instantly.  I bought my last car through them and will definitely use them for the next one.  * My Review

Health Insurance
eHealth Insurance - You can use the eHealth Insurance website to get a quote from all the leading health insurance providers by entering just your zip code, sex, and date of birth. (No email address or other information is required.) Then you can compare provider features, dive into coverage details, and complete the application online.  I’ve used them to find the best deal for years!  * My Review

E-Business & Website Development

All-in-One Website Hosting 
Site Build It – Starting an online business is the perfect match for many singles. Learn how to create an income generating website whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran.  90 day money back guarantee included!
Video Tour * Affiliate Program * More Information

Unlimited Website Hosting
Blue Host & Host Monster – Unlimited domains, space, & transfer on one account.  Top-rated, award-winning hosts.  Outstanding 24/7 toll-free customer support.  Both hosts have 1-click automatic WordPress installation.  And they are owned by the same company.  This site is hosted by Blue Host.

WordPress with a Premium Framework & Theme
StudioPress – This innovative company powers their themes with their rock-solid, industry leading Genesis Framework. Although StudioPress has many themes to choose from, their best deal is the Pro Plus All-Theme Package.  This site is powered by these components.

Website Domain Name Registrar
Name Guard – They have the lowest pricing with privacy protection included free forever and outstanding email customer support. Few registrars offer free privacy protection and some only give it to you for the first year. NOTE: Name Guard does not have an affiliate program. NOTE: Name Guard does not have an affiliate program.

My Review – Of all of the above services in this section.

Digital Delivery & Shopping Cart
Gumroad – Low cost way to sell ebooks, music, photos, apps, games, subscriptions, or any other digital product. No sign up or monthly fees, easy to use, and excellent customer support. NOTE: Gumroad does not have an affiliate program.

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