Online Matchmaking Services: The Greatest Gift of the Internet

Online matchmaking services are different from online dating services in several key ways.   They devote more resources to facilitating highly compatible matches, having state-of-the-art communication methods, and supporting their clients through the process with various tools and libraries of information.  Here are my recommendations along with my review of them.


Match is one of the early pioneers of online dating. Match provides you with the ability to do your own searches or use their matching technology to find matches based on the information you put in your profile.

Match is one of the most recognized and largest dating services in the world with millions of members.

There must be advantages to being one of the early innovators in online dating. They have grown up in the business, so to speak. So they must have gained some insights on what truly works and what doesn’t.

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The folks at Chemistry believe that meaningful relationships are built on two equally important foundations: compatibility and chemistry. Other sites concentrate on compatibility, while Chemistry’s system is designed to help you find both of these elements.

I like the fact that an anthropologist, Dr. Helen Fisher, designed the Chemistry methods, and not just a psychologist.  I may have a bit of an edge in understanding the benefits since I have a degree in anthropology.

I am also very impressed by their inclusion of chemistry along with compatibility in their matching criteria. I feel that this gives their matching technology an advantage over other services.

I strongly recommend you look into Chemistry if you are seeking a meaningful, long-term relationship.

Perfect Match

Perfect Match’s Duet® Total Compatibility System analyzes the “whole person,” taking into account each member’s personality, values and ideals, life and Lovestyle™ and preferences to identify and find the person right for you.

The Duet Compatibility System was co-developed by renowned relationship expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz, a sociologist and sexologist.  I’ve come to appreciate Dr. Schwartz’s methods through her book, “Finding Your Perfect Match,” which presents a similar philosophy to what I describe in my book, “Finding the One Who’s Right.”  That philosophy is the vital importance of compatibility for having a successful relationship.  University studies throughout the world confirm this.

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It is my hope that you find an online matchmaking service that connects you with the love of your life!

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