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Brad’s Writing Style

My writing style is concise and focused. My objective is to “minimize” reading time and “maximize” reader implementation activity. To support this goal I often include worksheets or activity instructions.

If you’re looking for books that describe things in intricate detail, then you’ll need to look elsewhere. If you want succinct, practical, and inspirational books, you’ll find them below.

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The Couple’s Review™

TCR - Ebook CoverIf you seek a simple, yet intelligent and comprehensive method for creating a communication breakthrough with your partner, then this is the book for you.

This book features a unique, non-confrontational written communication system for expressing concerns, discussing problems, and revealing desires. This innovative approach guides you in a process of evaluation, resolution, and enlightenment.

This technique is equally useful whether a couple is married, engaged, going steady, or dating.

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Pages: 63 – Size: 392 KB – Format: PDF eBook
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Finding the One Who’s Right

FTOWR Ebook CoverYou will not find a more innovative and comprehensive, yet simple book on how to find your ideal partner than this one.

This book describes how to use renowned principles of human performance to find an ideal partner.  It features an interactive exercise that leads to the formation of a profile of your perfect mate called: Mate Imaging™.  An instrument whose likeness does not exist in any other book guides this process.  This cutting-edge approach guides you toward discovery of a highly compatible partner.

Regardless of where you search be it online dating services, singles clubs, or other means this book will help you recognize, attract, and connect with the one who’s right for you.

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Pages: 90 – Size: 1.22 MB – Format: PDF eBook
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The Couple’s Review +
Finding the One Who’s Right (Bundle)

TCR + FTOWR Ebook CoverGet both of these books together and save!

This 2-book bundle special is only available in the PDF Edition. See individual listing above for information about each book.


  • Use “The Couple’s Review” to improve your relationship, and if that doesn’t work, use “Finding the One Who’s Right” to find a better one.
  • Use “Finding the One Who’s Right” to find a great match and use “The Couple’s Review” to refine your relationship.

Either way you win!  :D

Get TCR + FTOWR    $2.99
Pages: 63 + 90 – Size: 392 KB + 1.22 MB – Format: PDF eBook

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