Approaching Women the Easy Way

With Sincerity, Creativity, & Courage

There are all kinds of formulas and clever ways for approaching women out there. The easiest and most reliable way is to approach women with sincerity, a bit of creativity, and courage. Here’s how.

Your Mindset is Key

“You become what you think about.” – Earl Nightingale

No other situation is this quote more appropriate than when you are approaching women. If you have thoughts of self-doubt or defeat (rejection), that’s what you will get. And that’s how women will respond to you.

Women are very tuned in to confidence. Confidence is the number one turn-on for them. It’s more important to them than good looks or a muscular physique. Don’t confuse confidence with feeling shy or vulnerable when approaching women. Many women like it when men are shy and vulnerable. Women can detect the difference. This is one of the most important points that’s so hard for men to get including myself. We feel that if we are feeling nervous, shy, or vulnerable when approaching women that they will see this behavior as weakness or lack of self-confidence. As men, we know there is a thin line between the two. If feelings of shyness or vulnerability prevent a man from approaching women or talking with them in an appropriate manner, they need to work on their self-confidence.

So how do you develop your confidence in approaching women? You work on it from the inside out. You work on your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and do some mental rehearsals on the outcome you want.

The first step is to focus on the best parts of YOU! Go over the best parts of your personality, mind, and body. Recall all your successes. Then select those areas and things that would be of the greatest interest and benefit to women and zero in on those. Get the idea. The goal is to get yourself into the mental zone of seeing yourself at your BEST!

The next step is to do some mental visualization exercises where you see yourself approaching women with confidence. Include every detail in these visualizations. See yourself approaching and speaking to women with confident and being prepared for whatever response you get from them. Continue to go through these exercises until the positive outcomes you desire are firmly implanted in your mind.

The next step is to put this activity into it’s proper perspective. This is not a “do or die” situation. Therefore, you have the freedom to be unconcerned about the outcome. This frame of mind can reduce the pressure, but courage will still be needed. As it is with any situation where courage is required, we must move forward even though we may be uncomfortable or even scared out of our minds. To do this we cannot allow any concerns about the possible outcome to stop us from approaching women. Courage is doing it anyway no matter how uncomfortable or fearful you may be. Confidence is making the decision and believing in your ability to do it!

Here’s another way to put this activity into it’s proper place. If you compare approaching women to approaching an adversary on the battlefield who wants to KILL you, it doesn’t seem like a “dangerous” situation any more. There are probably a few combat veterans saying to themselves, “I would rather face the enemy than approach a beautiful woman. I understand how women have the capacity to emotionally wound a man; I’ve been seriously wounded many times. The difference here is that a women’s ability to wound us is 100% dependent on our willingness to allow it mentally.

The truth is that when most women reject men’s proposition for a dance or date they do it politely and with kindness. The other truth is that most of the time when they do reject us it has nothing whatsoever to do with us.

Our mindset for successfully approaching women should be something like that of a warrior… strong, capable, sincere, and courageous!

Reflect Rejection

If you consider all the possible reasons why a woman might reject you that have nothing whatsoever to do with you it’s absurd to feel bad about it. You do not have any advanced knowledge about her mood, situation, or desires.

You don’t know if she just got some bad news, if she has a boyfriend, or if you simply don’t fit her criteria of the man she wants at that point in her life. The invisible truth might be that you are too good looking, too intelligent, too sophisticated, or too physically fit for her to feel comfortable around you! Or, the brutal truth might be that the opposite is the case. If so, you can do something about it by beginning a program of self improvement. If you’re interested, a good starting point would be to read an article on this site entitled, “Self Evaluation & Preparation for Relationship Success.”

So you see how there is no logical reason that you should take rejection personally. If you get rejected, just remind yourself that it’s a numbers game and move on! If you want to learn more about how to handle rejection, you might want to read an article on this site entitled, “How to Handle Rejection.” Overcoming the fear of rejection is easily accomplished through repeated exposure. You do this by approaching women as frequently as possible.

Women Get Nervous Too

Women are usually as concerned about their attractiveness and how they will respond if a man approaches them as men are. It’s hard to see because we’re often too focused on our own concerns when in fact women are experiencing similar anxieties and fears. Understanding this can eliminate a lot of our uneasiness about approaching women.

To understand the female prospective you need to turn the entire game around in your mind. Imagine yourself being the perused sex rather than the pursuer. Imagine being asked for a dance or date instead of being the asker. Imagine being asked by dozens of women, just a few women, and hardly any at all.

If you’ve ever had a woman ask you for a dance or even a date, you got a taste of what’s it like to be on the “other team.” Now let’s expand this experiment a little. Add in the unique competitive field that exists between women. Factor in all the unique life decisions and responsibilities that women have that center on the man that they choose. These would include getting pregnant and supporting and raising a child. Once you get yourself into the place of looking at the world from a woman’s perspective, you can better understand what is going on in their mind when you approach them.

I’ve always been amazed by the stories I been told by many unusually beautiful women. Many of these women would tell me that they rated themselves lower in appearance than most of the women, and men, who they met. I found that they frequently had a distorted self-image about several specific areas of their face or body, but when I looked at them I couldn’t pick out a single flaw.

During informal interviews with these extraordinary women, I discovered these things. These women frequently do not see themselves as the world does. Because they been showered with compliments on their beauty throughout much of their lives, they often obsess on tiny imperfections which destroys their self-confidence. Or, they may go in the opposite direction and obsess on their beauty and ignore developing themselves in other areas. These areas would include their social skills, personality, and intellect.

Once you uncover some of the mysteries, approaching women doesn’t seem as intimidating as it did before.

Approaching Women with Your Eyes First

You can save yourself a lot trouble by approaching women with your eyes first whenever possible. Let me get this out of the way up front. I am not talking about staring or sexually suggestive looks. Besides being rude and inappropriate, these behaviors make women uncomfortable. I am talking about a casual, relaxed, and friendly look. Repeated looks are okay as long as you haven’t gotten any negative reaction from them. If you do, you should stop. You can check back a few times later, however, to see if they might have thought about it and changed their mind. If you get the same negative response, move on!

Sometimes you can get an idea about a woman’s present state-of-mind and her initial impression of you by getting eye contact with her. I say sometimes because some women do not have the self-confidence and courage to look back at you and respond in any clear manner whatsoever. There’s a fine line here in both cases.

In either situation you must really zero in on their subtle reactions to your efforts to make eye contact with them. This would include their facial reactions and body language. You must active all your senses to decide if it’s a go or pass situation. Are they playing it cool or being cool towards you? Are they being shy or trying to shine you on? Are they interested in meeting you or are they more interested in the conversation they are having with their girlfriend.

Under the right conditions, approaching women with your eyes can save you lots of time, discomfort, and sometimes money.

Find a Mutual Point of Interest

You can take the pressure off yourself about what you are going to say when approaching women by finding something interesting in the environment you share to comment to her about. Your target should be something that might be of interest to her as well as yourself or something that demonstrates the kind of person that you are. When you show them who you are through your comments you can determine immediately whether you have any basis for a relationship or even a good conversation.

Couple on dateWhether you are in a familiar environment or not there is always something interesting you can find to talk about. In fact, the excitement of being in unfamiliar surroundings can lead to some new conversation starters.

The key is to find something that sincerely interests YOU! When you do that, you can focus your attention on what interests you and not on how you’re going to go about meeting someone. It also takes the pressure off the woman. All of this can lead to a relaxed and natural conversation. Then if the chemistry is right, you might find yourselves having a great time on the dance floor without having experienced all the usual awkwardness in between.

Approaching women in this way not only takes some of the pressure off but it can also lead to interactions that are more successful.

Approaching Women Decisively & Courageously

Plan exactly what you are going to say to them in advance. Are you going to start with a comment or question as discussed above? Or are you just going to ask them to dance? By the way, asking someone to dance is a great icebreaker.

Whatever your choice, make up your mind that you are going to walk over to her, say what you had planned, and simply wait for her reaction without any concern of what it might be. After all, there are billions of fish in the sea!

If her reaction is negative or unclear, simply give her a pleasant and courteous nod, turn, and walk away. Don’t linger, don’t try to persuade her, and certainly don’t beg!

There is a chance she may change her mind after she thinks about your interaction, so check back later if you feel inclined to do so. You might check back by trying to get eye contact with her for a moment! If you get a negative response, move on!

Play an Obvious Game

This method requires the most creativity and it can make the act of approaching women a lot more fun. Playing an obvious game means to perform a role that is “clearly” not true or intended to deceit.

Playful coupleThere is always a tendency for singles to present themselves as being something they are not when they first meet someone. This is especially true after they have had a few drinks. This is not what I am talking about here. I believe that your best act is being yourself. You can do this in creative ways, however. It all depends on your natural abilities.

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One game that I played very successfully at nightclubs was that of being the club’s social director. My friends can attest to the success of this way of approaching women. This might immediately sound deceitful, but it wasn’t because I acted and responded in a way that women knew that I wasn’t really the club’s social director. They play along because it was fun! In this role, I had the opportunity to meet almost every woman in the room and pick the ones that I wanted to get to know better. After awhile I would zero in on the one that I liked the most. The woman I choose would often seem excited, apparently because I picked her over everyone else. Winning out over the competition (other women), seems to be an aphrodisiac of sorts for women.

Another playful way of approaching women is to introduce yourself as a movie hero or a historic legend. I’ve been amazed by how successful and fun this approach can be. I’ve concluded that this is successful because women love romance and mystery. This makes sense when you consider that this is what women fantasize about most of the time. They envision their knight in an expensive suit riding up in his white Ferrari and taking her away to his mountaintop chateau. This method allows them to live this fantasy.

This approach is not as complicated as it might sound. Here’s how you present your character. You approach a woman as you normally would, or as discussed above, and then when the time comes for introductions, you introduce yourself as your selected character. If she plays along, continue. If she seems confused, help her understand with a few playful comments connected to your character. If she still doesn’t join in or she rejects the game from the start, just smile and politely re-introduce yourself using your real name. If she asks for an explanation, tell her you were just trying to break the ice. Don’t worry about any ambiguities, you will know straight away if she’s going to play along. Frequently you can tell just by looking at them from across the room.

I find that it’s best to pick a movie character or historical figure because both clearly represent themselves as a fantasy. It’s also best to pick one that you can relate to in some way. A person who reflects your values or secret aspirations works well. Here are some examples of the kind movie and historical legends that I talking about: James Bond, Rocky, Indiana Jones, Blackbeard, Romeo, Socrates, Mozart, Achilles, and Robin Hood.

The way women respond to you has a lot to do with how you come across right at the beginning. When you’re approaching women in this manner you have to play the role sincerely but playfully. Let the role be a demonstration of the kind of man you are or aspire to be. If you’re not comfortable with this approach in any way do not use it.

Give Your Attention but Retain Your Heart

Women love attention because of the message it sends to them. It tells them that you are more interested in them than any other woman or activity in the vicinity. As you know, women compete with other women in a variety of areas that guys don’t. That’s why attention is of such an importance to women.

So give the woman you are talking to your full attention. Taking your attention away from them to check out other women, or anything else is impolite. This is especially true if the woman is your girlfriend, wife, or even your sister or mother! Men control their attention and only check out a woman when it’s appropriate and even then they do it subtly and with class! Gawking, whistling, and making crass comments are immature behaviors.

If the woman before you matches your fantasy, it’s easy to give her your full attention along with your heart. Give her your full attention but retain your heart until you know her better. If you give up your heart too soon you risk loosing your judgment and ability to choose between her and another woman in the room who may be a better match for you. You might also come across as being too anxious, pushy, or needy. As long as you retain your heart, you control your part of the game. Only give it up to a woman who you know and trust completely!

You will have a lot more success approaching women if you proceed with the intention of giving them your full attention but retaining your heart until the appropriate time.

Begin with an Honorable Plan

The tone of your proposition for your next meeting depends on your purpose for approaching women in the first place. It depends on whether you are looking for an evening of adventure, a woman to date, a girlfriend, or a wife. How seriously you execute this plan depends on what your objectives are at this point in your life.

The honorable plan is this. After meeting a woman for this first time at a nightclub, dance or other venue, rather than suggesting that you go to your apartment or hers, start by suggesting the extreme opposite, and mean it! Here are some examples. Suggest that you attend a spiritual activity like a religious service or non-denominational spiritual meeting. Suggest that you attend a self improvement seminar or New Thought gathering. Suggest that you go to a cultural venue like a library, bookstore, art gallery, or museum. Suggest that you meet in a few of days to get better acquainted under the supervision of her parents, siblings, and/or girlfriends. If you’ve ever seen the first ”Godfather” movie where Al Pacino’s character marries a woman while he’s hiding in Sicily, you’ll get the picture of what I mean.

The more you do it the better you’ll get at approaching women. Proceed with sincerity and courage and you will eventually find the woman of your dreams!

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