Social & Sexual Ethnic Mixing

Some societies, religions, and individuals strongly object to social and sexual ethnic mixing. Some countries where war has brought soldiers from foreign lands severely reject the children who were produced because of these occupations. But is social and sexual ethnic mixing a bad thing or a good thing? Is it a natural or unnatural behavior? […]

Small Houses for Singles

Singles are the largest and fastest growing group in the U.S. and many other countries. They have unique needs and lifestyle patterns that are unlike any other time in the past. There were nearly 100 million single adults in America in 2010 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That represents almost 44 percent of all […]

Small Houses: The Perfect Match for Singles

More so than any other group, small houses are the perfect match for singles. Especially for those who choose to remain single or childless if coupled. Small houses not only fit the single lifestyle, but they also offer a much better living environment than the typical single’s residence of a condo or apartment. Many singles […]

3 Keys to Getting What You Want

Here are the three keys to getting what you want romantically, socially, and financially. Get Fit When you get fit, everything is better.  Your brain and body works better.  You are more confident.  And you’re more attractive to potential lovers, business partners, and employers. When you ignore information about the damaging effects of a poor […]

Inspiration for Solotopia

Here are the things that fueled my inspiration to create Solotopia and continue to motivate me today. Founding, building, and leading a singles organization. I learned a great deal about the singles lifestyle, dating, and relationships while leading a singles club.  I found that many singles were wondering aimlessly in their pursuit to fill their […]

My Biggest Dating & Mating Regrets

Do you have some dating and mating regrets?  Are some of them huge regrets?  I certainly do.  I’m going to share mine so that you can see that you’re not alone or use them to avoid making the same mistakes. It’s easy to look back on things and decide whether we should have moved forward […]

Fitness is Sexy

When you’re young, you can get by with just your youthful looks if you’re somewhat attractive and not grossly overweight.  That is not to say that if you are not blessed with good looks or if you’re packing a few extra pounds you cannot attract a partner, because many people do.  Confidence is the key […]

Stop Acting and Begin Starring

Have you ever tried to imitate the look or behavior of a person you greatly admired?  Have you ever felt you would be more successful in making friends or getting dates if your personality or body were like someone else?  Have you ever made changes to your appearance or character in trying to be like […]

Are You Picking or Being Picked

Are you picking your romantic partners or are they picking you?  This is important if you continually find yourself with partners who are a bad match for you or fall short of fulfilling your needs. Picking can happen at various points.  These include… When you first notice them. When you first talk with them. During […]

Embrace Being Alone

Do you fear being alone?  Do you spend time with people you do not like to avoid being alone?  Do you go into a mad rush to find a new partner after a breakup?  Do you get depressed if you are faced with spending a weekend or holiday alone?  If so, you are not alone […]