Inspiration for Solotopia

Here are the things that fueled my inspiration to create Solotopia and continue to motivate me today. Founding, building, and leading a singles organization. I learned a great deal about the singles lifestyle, dating, and relationships while leading a singles club.  I found that many singles were wondering aimlessly in their pursuit to fill their […]

My Biggest Dating & Mating Regrets

Do you have some dating and mating regrets?  Are some of them huge regrets?  I certainly do.  I’m going to share mine so that you can see that you’re not alone or use them to avoid making the same mistakes. It’s easy to look back on things and decide whether we should have moved forward […]

Fitness is Sexy

When you’re young, you can get by with just your youthful looks if you’re somewhat attractive and not grossly overweight.  That is not to say that if you are not blessed with good looks or if you’re packing a few extra pounds you cannot attract a partner, because many people do.  Confidence is the key […]

Stop Acting and Begin Starring

Have you ever tried to imitate the look or behavior of a person you greatly admired?  Have you ever felt you would be more successful in making friends or getting dates if your personality or body were like someone else?  Have you ever made changes to your appearance or character in trying to be like […]

Are You Picking or Being Picked

Are you picking your romantic partners or are they picking you?  This is important if you continually find yourself with partners who are a bad match for you or fall short of fulfilling your needs. Picking can happen at various points.  These include… When you first notice them. When you first talk with them. During […]

Embrace Being Alone

Do you fear being alone?  Do you spend time with people you do not like to avoid being alone?  Do you go into a mad rush to find a new partner after a breakup?  Do you get depressed if you are faced with spending a weekend or holiday alone?  If so, you are not alone […]

Characteristics of Unattached Singles

The characteristics of people who prefer to stay single and unattached are unique. These individuals are special because they have unusually strong preferences in particular areas that do not follow the norm. People who prefer being in a long-term relationship may have similar characteristics as an unattached single, but they are not nearly as strong.  […]

Fear is the Obstacle to Dates & Love

Fear is an obstacle to getting what we want in many areas of our lives.  It is a major obstacle when it comes to getting dates, finding a quality partner, and giving and receiving love. The amazing thing about fear is that most of what we fear never comes true.  Therefore much of the turmoil […]

Advantages of Marriage or Cohabitation

The advantages of marriage or cohabitation (living together) are often also the disadvantages of staying single and unattached. Although I tend to be an advocate for the single lifestyle, especially in your 20’s and 30’s, there are clear benefits to being married after 40 and especially after 50. This assumes that you have a healthy […]

10 Turn-Offs

Many people are so caught up in their daily routines and habits that they become blind to things that are turn-offs to other people, especially potential romantic partners. If there were rules for intimacy, turn-offs would certainly be included. If you have had a string of dating failures, one area that I strongly recommend you […]